9th Aug 2006

Baldstone Arete (HVS 4c)

An absolute gem of a route - well worth 3*

A steep start on good flakes, a nervous totter out to the easy arete and an abseil off the top.

Note to model: Wearing dark gray clothes on gritstone on a murky evening is not going to make much photographic impact. Bring out the lurid tights and jazzy tops next time! Meanwhile a bit of Photoshop manipulation will have to do. Sorry if blue isn't your colour.

Goldsitch Crack (HVS 4c)

Described as a "compelling arse" in Rockfax. Hmm.
And something suggesting mental deviation in the BMC guide.
Worryingly, Goi was jumping up and down with excitement at the prospect.

Fortunately for me, I was at the wrong end of the crag when Goi topped out, so it was John's privelege for go where Goi has been before.

Swimming for England!


There was an interesting "commentary" from John at this point. Not too coherent - combination of "I'm stuck" and "I'm falling out". Actually the word and panting were a bit more colourful, but you get the gist. Oh, by the way, how was Gist Ddu?

Emerging from the "bowels" - contented. "I'm more of a limestone man, myself" says John.

Having honed the overhanging off-width technique (well Goi and John did, anyway), we had a "look" at Ray's Roof.
Perhaps another day.
The Wild Boar and the key-swallowing settee were beckoning.