A Welsh Winter Gamble.

Central Trinity Gully, Clogwyn-y-Garnedd
2th Jan 2004

We'd had a week long spell of cold weather over Christmas with at least some decent snow (by modern standards) in the Peak District. A warm, wet front on Thurday/Friday - followed by a forecast of a cold night - had thawed most of the snow there, but perhaps it was short enough to provide just enough thaw-freeze to Snowdonia to be worth a venture. Worth a try, we thought.

5am, Saturday morning and the car's not even frosty. Adrian's walking the dog in a tee shirt. So much for the re-freeze. Oh well, might as well enjoy the walk anyway.

From Llanberis we could see some snow on the top - we may be in luck. Pen-y-Pass - +2 degrees centigrade. Not promissing. Walking up we reach the first bank of snow. Looks powdery. Give it a kick: its rock solid! Magic! This looks promising. John's bendy boots shed a crampon. And again. Hmm.

Clogwyn y Garnedd looks better than last year.

The Trinity Snowfield is hard neve. Perfect.

A somewhat disconcerting trail of blood leads up from the snowfield into Central Trinity. Turns out to be the result of a rapid and messy descent of the gully by a fox who's now the guest of honour at a crows' New Year Party.

We continue up the gully - just enough ice to make it secure without spoiling the fun. John's bendy boots refrain from shedding crampons.

John's bendy boots celebrate topping out by shedding a crampon again. An commendable sense of timing.

Lucky or what! With the weather, I mean.
Must do something else next year.