The Easy Way up Half Dome

September 2000



This picture shows most of the route up Half Dome as seen from Glacier Point. The starting section along Little Yosemite Valley is hidden from view.

Most of the walk up from the valley floor is in the forest.

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Past Vernal Falls









  and Nevada Falls








and loops round to the East side of Half Dome (opposite the side seen from Glacier Point).

You don't see much of Half Dome till you reach tree line below the shoulder.

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From here you can just about see the cabled section leading from the rocky shoulder to the summit (look in the fork of dead branches)


You then have a bit of a rocky scramble up to the bare shoulder and the start of the cables.

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No pictures from the cabled section - I was "otherwise engaged" at the time, but view from the top is not surprisingly, spectacular!

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Just to the right of center you can see someone looking over the end of the "diving board" with a 5,000 foot drop to the valley floor.

Coming down the cables is easier than expected, despite the crowds coming up at the same time - as long as you picked up the gloves on the way up.

On the way down there's also a good view from the North side of the treeline, looking out over the North-West face of Half Dome.

From here it's just a long, knee-jarring descent back down to the valley.