29th Apr 2006

Marek, John and Steve when to Millstone...
... and were later joined by Allen.

Great Slab (HS 4b)

For a warm up we retreated to a nice, cold, shadowy bay for a go at Great Slab.
Marek proceeded to demonstrate his incompetance by dropping most of his large wires down the slab.


Embankment 1 - pitch 1 (VS 4c)

John demonstrated his years of climbing experience on the other hand, by dropping his small wires.

Steve showing a dynamic approach.


Embankment 2 (VS 4c)

Allen leads Embankment 2.
Showed us all up by dropping just a single wire.
Actually that was later on Embankment 3, but that would spoil the plot.

Bond Street (HVS 5b)

With the day hotting up and the sun out, John gives us a jamming masterclass on the truely excellent Bond Street.

Marek on the glorious jams on the first half, flailing on the awkward bit in the middle and eventually - and seemingly asymptotically - approaching the top.


There was some more action on Embankment 3 (E1 5b) and Covent Garden (VS 4b), but no pics. Sorry.