Don't Look Out of the Window

13th Mar 2004

4:30am. 7 degrees Centigrade and raining. This is going to be a farce.
Pen-y-Pass. Still 5 degress, but at least its not raining (yet).
Splashed up the Pyg track to find the freezing level and the cloud base just about level with the upper lake. We can't really see the conditions of the gullies, but it's starting to look quite promising.

By the time we get to the Trinity snowfield, we think we're in luck. Considering I was here just two weeks ago, its amazing how different it looks in the mist. I 'think' I know where Central Trinity starts. There's a load of hammering and shouting coming from above and right so I'm guessing that's Right-Hand Trinity.

Once in the gully, its quickly obvious that its still banked out - the crux is still buried under feet of snow. Bu**er. Never expected this.

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After topping out, we decide that the gullies are too much like hard work and go in search of some easy ice to play on.

For anyone horrified/bemused/curious about the axes, more details are available here.

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Finally the clouds lift a bit to provide a view of the face with excellent definition courtesy of the recent snowfall.

Click here for a big, low compression version (10M pixel, 1MB)