Running Hill Pits

13th July 2006

Something in Quarry 4(?)

The French Master prepares the mind and body with Tai-Chi... ... while the Eager Student gets off the ground in style.
He flies!.
He falls.
With the aid of the Master's psychic levitation powers, new height are reached... ... unfortunately not for for very long.
A demonstration is called for.
... and delivered ...
... only to confront the eternal dillema of the "Running Hill Pits Top-out": ... Trust your spotter or trust some gravel held together with grass and sheep dropping?

Which will it be?

Pipe Spanner

Question Time...

... Where the hell does this go?

... Why am I here?

... How the f**k am I going reverse this?

The answer to the last one (at least) was impressive but sadly unrecorded.